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Why invest cryptos on MoneyEasy?

Features of MoneyEasy

With our user-friendly design and optimised algorithms, you can easily invest in crypto portfolios that you like.

03. Real-Time Analytics

An AI will be used to analyse the data collected from the market and generate reports for customers.

01. Fast and Agile

02. Customized portfolio

The customizable crypto portfolio will be provided based on your risk tolerance level, trading history, preference and our deep learning models.

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Know your financial risks scores in minutes

By answering 10 simple questions, our AI-empowered algorithm will automatically calculate and generate your current financial risks

Receive a detailed risk analysis report

The report will have an in-depth analysis of your current financial risk and enable you to have a better overview on your financial situation

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Invest in crypto portfolio is tailor-made for you

With the algorithm-driven investment strategies, the app will then provide you with a customised crypto portfolio that matches your financial risk and return

Better Investment

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We provide a holistic view to the users’ financial status and risk assessment by linking bank accounts and credit cards to MoneyEasy. Furthermore, we would provide a thorough risk analysis with risk score and risk factors. The risk analysis is based on the users’ response to our AI chatbots on questions related to financial and health risks. After that, our algorithm would recommend a portfolio in terms of metrics with reference to the risk analysis results.


There has been an increasing trend in investing in cryptocurrency in recent years, however, since cryptocurrency is a rather new concept, the public has insufficient knowledge and education on the portfolio management of cryptocurrency, or even managing the investment of cryptocurrency. This low crypto literacy has caused the inability in recognising financial risk among retail investors, especially young investors.




Justin Fung

Student at CUHK

“I have tried to invest in cryptos via trading platforms, yet I found that I couldn't choose cryptos that are suitable for me. With MoneyEasy, I can choose crypto portfolios that cater my needs and invest safely”


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